Tips to Feel Sexy During this Winter Season

feel sexyTo many, it may seem nearly impossible to turn the heat up when the external environ is freezing. Harsh winds, puffer coats coupled up with freezing temperatures make it daunting to achieve this most important activity, remain sexy, especially to women. Looking good and sexy is primary to feeling good. Usually, many people are perturbed by the resultant dry skin, shaggy hair, cracked knuckles and chapped lips. This is the common situations that hinder the normal sex life in addition to satisfying the societal expectations. When the season knocks, consider the following tips to feel sexy.

Start with a hot shower or bath

Beginning your day with a hot shower is a major influence on how the rest of the day will unfold. This acts as a transition zone from the warm sheets that wrapped you all night to daily clothing, or from the warm heavy cotton clothing to house wears or bedroom. Taking showers is a bonus.

Foundational garments

Wearing sexy and beautiful foundational attires are among the priority tips to feel sexy. For instance, matching up your panty set with a lace bralette accentuates your beautiful curves. As a matter of fact, most people may probably not notice the foundation garments. This is a mood and confidence booster.

The protective layer

This is the transitional layer between the foundational garments and the outer dressings that are visible to the world. Thermal shirt, thermal tights among others are common boosters. Make a point of wearing patterned and fun colored thermal tights. Interestingly, simple clothes that you wear in the summer may be a good source of warmth during winter, especially when worn under other clothes.

Your clothes

It is common for most people to have thickest possible fabrics during this freezing season. However, this doesn’t guarantee warmer sensations. In fact, thick camisoles make you appear and feel bulky. It is prudent to combine blended wool polyester with rayon clothing for a sexy look. These garments hang nicely aside from providing sensational warmth.

Color choice

It is also important to make suitable color choices when dressing external. Darker colors are a better choice for a sexy winter clad. Most people trend towards darker clothing due to the scientific principle that dark colors absorb light as white reflect. Interestingly, scientific relations also indicate that white not only reflects light but also heat, which is a crucial need during these months. In addition to this, black color is just cool and camouflages the mood of the season.

Your outerwear

Similar to the regular clothes, dense or thick clothes are not necessary. As indicated earlier, you do not need puffiest clothes to feel warm. Light weight and down filled coats are the best choices. Having a longer coat for extra warmth is essential when you go outdoors.

Your feet

Temperatures change can be influenced by exposing your feet. Sexiness is also determined by what you put on your foot. Therefore, your feet need to stay warm. Proper dressing is key to accomplishing your sexiness goal. The best option for this is to choose a stylish pair of boots. Layered socks are a no go zone. This is basically because it may make your feet sweat more. This is a danger to both your look and health. You can develop athlete’s foot or blisters from this.

Your makeup

Winters are known to misalign best made morning makeups. Makeup being among the primary finish to the sexiness goal, ensuring that your makeup lasts all day long is essential. With cold conditions, the eyes may get teary. Therefore, it is advised that you use waterproof makeup for the season. Many people apply waterproof mascara just for the beach. You can bring this idea here too.

Drink plenty of water

Most people tend to take lots of water only during the summer. Drinking substantial amount of water is also as essential during winter as during summer. For basic reasons, water improves circulation that is crucial in preventing dryness and flaking of the skin.

Protecting the skin

You may not be showing much of your skin due to the cold conditions but keeping utmost protection is important. Treating the skin with various makeups and finish is important. Conditioners, for instance, are important to moisturize your skin to avoid dry skins. Also, avoid putting foundations on dry skin. Don’t use powder and ensure to have a moisturizing foundation.


Keeping a balance between maintaining warmth and looking sexy is quite daunting. Highlighted above are among the basic sexy steps during this cold season. You should have these basic startup tips to ensure a flourishing winter season without diminished sexual and societal relationships.


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