Anti-Cellulite Treatments – Which Will Work for Your Best

Cellulite is one of those topics we women simply do not like to discuss. Cellulite refers to the fat cells that are visible under the skin giving it a bumpy appearance. Lumpy, bumpy skin is caused when fat presses up against the vertical connective tissue that surrounds fat cells in our thighs. This creates a bulging of the cells, resulting in a dimpled effect. You may notice it occasionally, or you just may be genetically prone to producing higher amounts. It is not a serious medical condition, but cellulite can be unsightly, and it may make you self-conscious when wearing shorts or a swimming suit. With that in mind you should try a holistic approach to treating this condition.


Factors that may increase your chances of having cellulite include:

  • Weight gain
  • Stress
  • Genetics
  • An inactive lifestyle
  • Using hormonal contraceptives

Cellulite Treatments
Adding weight training a few days a week to produce more muscles will reduce the appearance of cellulite. Drinking more water and less alcohol is also a great way to flush toxins out of your cells. Finally add a topical treatment for the final step towards smooth and beautiful skin.

Cellulite is not hard to cure, if you know how to do it get right cellulite treatment for you.
Weight Loss
Weight loss through healthy diet and regular exercise is probably the most beneficial cellulite treatment. Losing pounds and strengthening muscles in your legs, thighs, buttocks and abdomen can improve the appearance of the dimpled skin. The benefits of weight loss alone are limited, however. Though the cellulite may be less noticeable after weight loss, it won’t go away completely. Experts agree that the most effective exercise routine for cellulite is one that incorporates aerobic exercise and strength training along with a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and fiber.

Lasers and radio frequency systems
Perhaps the most promising medical therapy is lasers and radiofrequency systems. One system uses combined negative tissue massage, radio frequency and infrared light to treat cellulite. Another system delivers combined tissue massage with diode laser energy. A third system uses radiofrequency at deep and superficial levels simultaneously to treat cellulite. All three systems offer improvements to cellulite after a series of treatments. Results may last up to six months.Cellulite Treatment

This is a method in which a hand roller is used to massage the cellulite area. This process can take up to ten sessions to see any results and may work mainly as a massager and not as a cellulite remover.

Increased blood flow to the affected areas – thighs, hips and buttocks is believed to help flush out toxins and burn fat. This is achieved by sealing the lower half of your body in an airtight capsule, with your feet secured into a pedalling machine.

A gel-like formula rich in seaweed, caffeine, ivy and buckwheat is applied to the affected area and, using a flat handpiece electro-therapy system, it is claimed that these ingredients are infused deep into the skin cells to help flush out toxins and dislodge stubborn fat cells from areas such as the abdomen, thighs, hips and buttocks.

Cellulite Creams
Cellulite removal creams are the popular alternative to other such removal treatments. Cellulite removal creams are cost effective and practical. One of the most important factors is if the cream has been independently and clinically proven to reduce cellulite. Another important aspect is the ingredients in the cream. Creams that contain a variety of ingredients, such as vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and antioxidants, are effective to reduce cellulite. Even studies show that these creams offer many improvements. But in some cases, the ingredients in some cellulite creams cause skin reactions or rashes. So we must choose the product wisely. Read some reviews of the products.

The Facts about Cellulite Cream

When you’re looking for all of these cellulite treatments, you will find that the one that may continue to stand out among the rest is a cellulite cream. Using a cellulite cream may be safe for all skin types and used by both men and women. Cellulite creams can be applied in the privacy of your own home. By using a cellulite cream, just twice a day as part of your daily regimen, you will be able to see positive results in getting rid of cellulite in as little as two weeks. Many cellulite treatments advertise remarkable results. You can take a couple steps to slightly improve the appearance of cellulite.


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