Whats your Lips Says About You

Everyone desires an perfect pout! Whether your lips ar skinny(thin), uneven, or shapeless, we’ll provide you with some recommendations on a way to create them look perfectly kissable!

Tricks to Give you a Perfect Pout

Shaping Thin Lips
For thin lips, apply a plumping lip base product, and then use a lip pencil near the colour of your natural lips. Outline simply outside your natural lip line and fill the complete space of the lips with lip pencil. Apply a layer of plumping lipstick, blot with a tissue, then apply another coat of lipstick. Finish with a bit of frosted or iridescent lip-gloss in the center of the bottom lip.

Shaping Full Lips
Full lips ar all the trend lately, however if you would like to create your naturally massive lips look smaller, follow these easy tips. Fill simply within your natural lip line with lip liner. Use darker lip colours, as darker shades create lips recede and seem smaller. Avoid shiny lip glosses.

Shaping Uneven Lips
If you have got uneven lips, begin by applying somewhat of foundation or concealer on your lips. This may blur your natural lip line and permit you to redraw the shape of your mouth with lip pencil. Look within the mirror and divide your lips into sections, using the dotted line method to trace the shape you desire. Next connect the dots with lip pencil and fill in entire mouth. Apply lipstick and be on your way.

Shaping Shapeless Lips
To outline shapeless lips, define the ‘v’ on the top lip with lip pencil to stress it. On your bottom lip, define simply outside natural lip line to create it seem fuller. Apply 2 coats of lipstick.


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